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About Stephanie A. Rowland

Stephanie Rowland
Etiquette is not a four-letter word, and Stephanie is just the person to tell you why. Stephanie's passion is good manners, and her enthusiasm is simply catching. From how to slurp oysters to how to save yourself from especially embarrassing moments at cocktail parties and dinners, Stephanie Rowland's energetic presentations are just the ticket for your next meeting, conference or dinner.

Known as "The Manners Lady," Stephanie is a professional speaker who educates business professionals in world class etiquette and manners. She prides herself in helping people develop rewarding business relationships through the power of common courtesy.

Stephanie Rowland is a certified international etiquette consultant from The Protocol School of Washington, D.C., a University of Washington graduate with 25+ years' experience in communications and hospitality, and is also a Certified Meetings Professional, "CMP."

In May, 2013, Stephanie became the President & CEO of the North Mason Chamber of Commerce. You may also know Stephanie as the editor of "Shelton Life," a newspaper published by the Kitsap Sun, launched in March of 2011 in Mason County. Her book, "Are Bad Manners Driving your Clients Crazy?" is a fun, quick read that will put any business person at ease in social/business situations. Stephanie's most popular business seminar is "Charm Farm: Polishing your Professional Presence," and is available in several forms, from a short staff meeting presentation to a full-day course.

Prior to her career as a speaker, Stephanie worked in television news, meeting management, hotel sales, marketing, and communications. She was born in Tacoma, Washington, was a 1972 graduate of Curtis High School (remember Stephanie Rowland?), and enjoys the Pacific Northwest to its fullest from her home on Mason Lake in Washington.

Invite Stephanie to your event, and stand back for smiles all around. The most frequent comment made by her attendees is, "WOW! I didn't know learning about etiquette could be so FUN!" – and you thought it could be boring.