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Seminar Schedule

Stephanie's Charm Farm™ Executive Etiquette Seminar series is made up of several short, 90-minute workshops which are offered to the public throughout the year. Who should attend a Charm Farm™ class? Anyone required to interact with customers in any industry; e.g., front office/first contact representatives, sales people, general office staff and managers, interns, college students, upper management, VIPs -- basically, everyone who would like to set themselves apart as a business professional. Most people are comfortable with basic etiquette skills, but fret over introductions or break into a cold sweat when attending receptions and dinners. Wouldn't it be nice to walk into a room feeling confident that your manners are in check? And, if you are a manager, your staff may be modeling your professional style every day. Attend one or all four. Join Stephanie for an upcoming Charm Farm™ and walk away with a fresh, new confidence!

Other classes will be added as the year progresses, and all are offered to you on-site at conferences and conventions or your place of business as well.

CHARM FARM™ Improving Your Business Etiquette Skills

Date to be announced.

Are you confident in your business and social skills? Are you required to interact with customers at meetings, events, receptions and dinners? Are you comfortable introducing your CEO to your spouse?

Most people are comfortable with a few etiquette skills but fret over introductions or break into a cold sweat when approaching a formal dinner table. Wouldn’t it be nice to walk into a room feeling confident that your manners are in check? And, if you are a manager, wouldn’t it be comforting to know that your staff is representing your organization with grace?

Charm Farm is an etiquette “boot camp” of sorts, necessary training for anyone interacting with a customer, client, vendor, board member, basically ANYONE in business. It is especially effective for young executives who may not have been exposed to particular social settings.

Includes: Professional introductions and handshaking, making others feel comfortable and welcome, grammar and word usage, business entertaining, business appearance and dress, speaking with inter- nationals, making a fabulous impression at events and receptions, high tech etiquette, as well as dining skills and table manners.


CHARM FARM™... for Families!
Children’s Etiquette Program “Sunday Dinner with Steffie”

Date to be announced.

Are you confident in your family’s dining etiquette skills? Today’s busy schedules make dining at the table a challenge for most families. Unfortunately, that is the best time to teach all-important dining and common courtesy skills to our children. Why not take a time out and join Stephanie Rowland for a fun evening of dining with your family, and brush up on table manners at the same time? Give your children the gift of common courtesy and manners, and watch how their self confidence grows – at restaurants, at school, and at sporting events and church – everywhere they present themselves to others. And, you can rest easy when the time comes to send them out on their own. Set the stage for future “Sunday Dinners” at your house by joining us at the Inn at Gig Harbor (see schedule). From how to hold a knife and fork to appropriate humor at the table, give your children a step-up when it comes to presenting themselves at the table.
  • Common Courtesy rules! It’s so easy to be nice
  • Handshaking and introductions
  • Your personal self – dress, grooming and self-confidence
  • At the table – dining & conversation skills Inappropriate words and humor
  • Using a knife and fork
  • How to eat certain foods
  • Thank-you’s and more!