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Test your etiquette savvy --

Did you know that it is never appropriate for a woman to place her purse on a dining table, no matter how small? She should place the bag on her lap or under her chair.

Did you know that attendees at business events should always wear their name badge on their RIGHT-HAND side, not the left? This is to assure easy reading while shaking hands. Try it!

Did you know
that when dining as someone else's guest, it is inappropriate for YOU to offer to purchase a bottle of wine? Consider reciprocating by hosting a meal at a later date. And remember to send a handwritten thank-you note.

Do you know which way to pass the serving plates when eating "family style"? To the right.

How about perfume? None, sorry, for business. People may be allergic. Also, be careful about smoking in your car; the smoke will follow you inside the dining room.

Did you know that soup is spooned away from you toward the center of the bowl to keep from dripping?

Did you know that your napkin should never be placed on the table until everyone exits the table at the end of a meal? Place it on your chair if you must leave the table during a meal. After the meal is over, put it on the table, to the left of your plate.

Did you know that "hi" is considered a bit casual as an appropriate response to a business introduction? Try "hello" -- WOW, what a difference! It is true; slow down and say it with your complete name, slowly and clearly.

Did you know that when you invite someone to lunch, you are the one that should choose the restaurant, not your guest? By the way, if you do the inviting, you also do the buying! A special touch - arrange for payment with the hostess ahead of your meal so that the check is never brought to the table.

Did you know that one does not drink a toast to oneself? (I know -- what a bummer!) Simply hold the glass while everyone drinks to YOU, then offer a reciprocal toast saying something like, "Thank you to our fine team . . ." then everyone can drink!

Of course you know that you should NEVER use your napkin to blow your nose! Always have a handkerchief handy.

Email us with your etiquette "pet peeve"!

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