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Presentation Topics

Stephanie Rowland’s business etiquette training is tailored to meet the needs of individual clients. Her popular Charm Farm™ Executive Etiquette Seminar series is made up of several 90-minute presentations. These topics are available as keynote presentations, 90-minute workshops, or a combination of half- or full-day seminars. An example of a full-day “Charm Farm™” seminar is noted at the end of this session.

Customer Service: Five Simple Truths for "First Contact" Staff

Business owners know how much it costs to market their products and services in an attempt to bring in new customers. They also know that turning that inquiry into a sale is a totally different matter. Are you confident in your staff's ability to welcome that customer, make them feel at home, and meet their needs? Will your team stand up when someone comes in? Look them in the eye? Thank them for their business and truly mean it? And what about that ever-popular "extra mile"? If not, your marketing dollars are, well . . . Stephanie will share five simple truths about customer service. It can be as simple as having a real person answer the phone. Who should attend a Charm Farm™ seminar? Anyone who interacts with customers -- front office/first contact representatives, sales people, general office staff and managers, interns, college students, upper management -- anyone who would like to set themselves apart as a business professional. Wouldn't it be nice to walk into a room feeling confident that your manners are in check? And, if you are a manager, your staff may be modeling your professional style every day. Join Stephanie for an upcoming Charm Farm™ and walk away with a fresh, new confidence!


Are Bad Manners Driving your Clients Crazy?
Based on Stephanie’s new book by the same name, take a lighthearted leap into the business of good manners, whether personal or professional. The truth is that bad manners simply drive people crazy! It couldn’t be us, though, right? It has to be that other guy. Enjoy this fun look at common etiquette pet peeves, and make sure your manners measure up. Whether a new job or that second date, a little polish could be just the ticket!

Includes: Presenting yourself with confidence and authority, checking your office behavior, attending events, dinners and receptions, personal habits and dress, and representing you and/or your business like the top dog you are!


Business Etiquette: Polishing Your Professional Presence
From a perfect handshake to engaging conversation, confident leaders understand the power of common courtesy, and it is noticed. They move about with style and grace, conducting introductions and engaging in conversation, making people feel welcome and special. How do they do it?

Presenting yourself with confidence and authority will set you apart, no matter what your profession. Put your mind at ease by mastering a few etiquette guidelines and clear the way for the important conversation at hand. You will be remembered for it!

Includes: Handshaking and introductions, professional image: why bother? Appearance and dress, business conversation, working a room, remembering names.


Table Manners Matter! Dining with the Top Dogs
Juggling food, beverages and business can be a challenge, especially if you are the host; after all, everyone is watching you to see what to do! Turn your business meal into a business deal with impeccable table manners, from appropriate dress to complicated table settings.

Includes: Invitation, appearance and dress, host and guest duties, gift giving place settings; table manners and conversation, toasting and thank-you’s.


Etiquette Dinner: From greetings to greens, dinner will never be the same!
What is an Etiquette Dinner? This is a very special evening held over a meal. Stephanie Rowland presents the art of table manners with energy, enthusiasm and FUN over a three- or four-course meal provided by your organization. Sometimes this event is sponsored by an alumni group or a career center, offering this important education on how to dine for soon-to-be-graduates of college or high school. Often, members of the corporate community and/or alumni attend, and serve as table hosts. Or, a business hosts an etiquette dinner for their employees, helping them polish their professional presence to prepare for representing the company at events, receptions and dinners (an overview of interview etiquette is optional).

Sometimes this event is offered to families as a fundraiser for a nonprofit organization, which is great fun as well. Whether your audience is climbing the corporate ladder, job hunting or preparing for life, an etiquette dinner meets the need to succeed in graciousness!


Networking that Means Business: Schmoozing with the Big Dogs!
Business is based on relationships. Are you tongue-tied at receptions and events? Do you tremble at the thought of introducing yourself or others? Do you ever wonder how to excuse yourself from one conversation to mingle elsewhere? Turn your network into net worth and develop a plan of attack with that stack of business cards in your pocket!

Includes: Preparing your plan & making an entrance, introductions and handshaking, mingling and conversation tips, entering and exiting conversation groups, eating and drinking, and more.


Presentation Skills: Getting Comfortable in Your Own Skin
Successful business leaders understand the importance of communications skills. Whether making a presentation to your staff, stating your case to upper management, or presenting yourself at an interview, your audience is listening, watching and waiting for you to make your point. Are you comfortable in your own skin? Ready to step up to the challenge? This results-oriented session will boost your confidence in presentations no matter what the situation.

Includes: Planning ahead, familiarizing yourself with the location and situation, putting together a presentation, speaking out with confidence, addressing groups (large and small), professional behavior, dressing the part, and more.


High-Tech Etiquette: High touch in a high tech society
Click! It begins -- a communication without people in the same room. Make sure you are properly prepared to do business and maintain your professional image in cyberspace as well as over the telephone. You only get one click to make a first impression!

Includes: People come first, good manners and good grammar in cyberspace, e-mail and voice mail manners, tips to maintain a professional image.


FULL HOUSE: Selling Rooms & Space with Style & Grace
Professional presence is critical to the relationship building process in hospitality sales. Competition creates a high-paced and demanding environment where business manners can make or break a sale in a heartbeat. Based on Stephanie’s book by the same name, this popular behind-the-scenes look at what corporate hotel buyers and meeting planners are looking for will help seasoned hoteliers and sales representatives polish their skills, and set new staff well on their way to representing themselves and the industry with style and grace!

Includes: Getting your foot in the door, building client relationships, entertaining clients at home or on the road, conducting tours, professional presence and image, dining skills for the host and guest.



Charm Farm: Cutting Edge Executive Etiquette
This seminar can be presented in as little as 3 hours, or as many as 8, depending upon your needs. It is a full overview of business etiquette, and usually includes dining, sometimes over a meal. Please contact Stephanie to discuss your needs.

Are you confident in your business and social skills? Are you required to interact with customers at meetings, events, receptions and dinners? Are you comfortable introducing your CEO to your spouse?

Most people are comfortable with a few etiquette skills but fret over introductions or break into a cold sweat when approaching a formal dinner table. Wouldn’t it be nice to walk into a room feeling confident that your manners are in check? And, if you are a manager, wouldn’t it be comforting to know that your staff is representing your organization with grace?

Charm Farm is an etiquette “boot camp” of sorts, necessary training for anyone interacting with a customer, client, vendor, board member, basically ANYONE in business. It is especially effective for young executives who may not have been exposed to particular social settings.

Includes: Professional introductions and handshaking, making others feel comfortable and welcome, grammar and word usage, business entertaining, business appearance and dress, speaking with internationals, making a fabulous impression at events and receptions, high tech etiquette, as well as dining skills and table manners*

*may be conducted over lunch


CHARM FARM™ ... for Families!
Children’s Etiquette Program “Sunday Dinner with Steffie”

Are you confident in your family’s dining etiquette skills? Today’s busy schedules make dining at the table a challenge for most families. Unfortunately, that is the best time to teach all-important dining and common courtesy skills to our children. Why not take a time out and join Stephanie Rowland for a fun evening of dining with your family, and brush up on table manners at the same time? Give your children the gift of common courtesy and manners, and watch how their self confidence grows – at restaurants, at school, and at sporting events and church – everywhere they present themselves to others. And, you can rest easy when the time comes to send them out on their own. Set the stage for future “Sunday Dinners” at your house by joining us at the Inn at Gig Harbor (see schedule). From how to hold a knife and fork to appropriate humor at the table, give your children a step-up when it comes to presenting themselves at the table.

Includes: Common courtesy rules! It’s so easy to be nice, handshaking and introductions, your personal self – dress, grooming and self-confidence, at the table – dining & conversation skills, inappropriate words and humor, Using a knife and fork, how to eat certain foods, thank-you’s and more!

Download pdf Flyer for this Seminar


Sparkling Holiday Etiquette: Royal treatment makes loyal customers

Turn the emotion-packed holiday season into the opportunity to build loyal customers with local etiquette expert Stephanie Rowland, Top Dog Etiquette.
Put your full-time staff at ease and help set the stage for success for part-timers by polishing their professional presence. From acknowledgement to eye contact and follow-through, give your staff the gift of confidence this holiday season, and have a great time doing it. Stephanie’s enthusiastic presentation style puts everyone at ease. Stand back and watch the excitement build as employees realize the importance of every personal contact. From a smile in the parking lot to a personal thank-you note, their effort and show of respect and common courtesy works wonders toward building long-lasting customer relationships. Take the time, and watch them SHINE!


Corporate Holiday Party Etiquette: "The time to SHINE!"

Prepare your staff for the upcoming holiday season by polishing their professional presence with local etiquette expert Stephanie Rowland, Top Dog Etiquette.
In just 60 minutes, prevent party pitfalls and give your employees a sense of confidence when it comes to attending holiday events and receptions. From handshaking to conversation starters, they will appreciate this added edge when it comes to representing your business with style and grace. Stephanie’s energy and enthusiasm will have your staff looking forward to stepping out this season, and you can rest easy that the water cooler stories the next day will be positively sparkling!